Hannelore Van Dijck een vogel vliegt op

Nº 41 / May 2021
€ 35 forthcoming

‘Een vogel vliegt op’ is a book about Hannelore Van Dijck’s recent ink drawings and artist books. This publication crystallizes her search for a fluid way of working, a search for movement, rhythm and leaks. The launch coincides with a presentation of a video and the original drawings made during her residency at FLACC (Genk).

‘Hannelore Van Dijck’s art is work of patience. We may contrast the work of patience with a functional and economical concept of work. The noun ‘patience’ comes from the Latin patientia, with the Latin root pati or pass; the Proto-Indo-European root is pei. These words all mean to suffer or endure. Patience is related to pathos. Van Dijck’s drawing practice involves great endurance, patience as endurance. It takes a long time to do, and the process is repetitive. It must sometimes be boring to produce. Patience, endurance, boredom. We need to understand these as Stimmungen or moods that are neither active nor passive, or both active and passive at the same time, a making that is also a being affected. These moods reveal a relation to space and time.’ From: Michael Newman, Yes strange darkness best in: Hannelore Van Dijck, The Lasting One, That Didn’t Last, That Still Lasts, APE#095, 2017.

Book and presentation in collaboration with FLACC, workplace for visual artists and supported by the Flemish Government.
Courtesy of Galerie Zink and Gallery Sofie Van de Velde

128 pages, 21 × 30 cm
ISBN 978 94 9126 242 5
With texts by: Leonie Rodrian and Bob Vanden Broeck (NL/EN)

Available soon