Hans Demeulenaere h/ up

Nº 11 / May 2014
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“I think it may be no coincidence that Hans Demeulenaere (b. 1974) ‘grew up’ in Ostend.
The modesty of fishermen. And also the stubbornness. Doubting now and then but nevertheless that push-further-without-delay attitude. That direct-thinking. That assertiveness. Nothing too complicated. Work invented with the hard headedness of seafarers. Simple ‘forms’ made ​​in a simple way. Self-built. Diligently continue to do so.
And Hans – the Ostend-Bruges-man – that presses on. This and that is being planned. Proposals are mailed, occasionally telephoned. Ploughing further. No strategic thinking, all sympathetic and cosy. But persistently hammering on. It will have to be so, must be, at least almost.
And regularly looking around to see who may eventually help pull the weight. Because collaboration suits Hans well. The sharing of the doubt.”
From: ‘Thoughts, Short’ Kris Kimpe, in: h/ up

64 + 8 pages, 21 × 30 cm
ISBN 978 94 9126 211 1
Text by Kris Kimpe

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With the support of the province of West Flanders

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