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Spring 2018:

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Together with Posture Editions, Koba De Meutter (b. 1992) creates So That Afternoon We Both Made an Empty Circle, a book with visual work that was the result of two recent artist’s residences in Mexico. De Meutter combines sculpturally adaptable modules with found material in deliberate actions or chance events, often in public spaces. In the book, photographs of her interventions in Mexico City are combined with a series of drawings she made during her second residence in art centre Casa Wabi. The drawings feature imaginary characters from her memories of her stay in Mexico City — yet they are no less realistic or near.

Fall 2018:

Publication with

Posture Editions and Laura van are currently working together on a publication with recent still lifes by van. The works, for which the artist uses only oils, are without photographic point of departure: they are the result of an inflection of what the artist observes on the table in his living and working space. They are therefore anecdotal-autobiographical in nature — a nature that is emphatically determined by the motorial and psychological intentions of the moment.
Each still life is an accumulation of language, anecdotal elements, coffee, pages, stains, dots and modulations of tonal depths and shades of grey.
Laura van’s art is an eruption of thoughts about painting, channelled in oils that evoke the illusion of piles of books and grubby tables. The grey, drab paintings are outside time. We notice traces of French painters such as Corot, Vuillard, Soutine, Cézanne or the German Corinth, though that may be a mistake, a paintwise trompe l’oeil.
On the opposite page, facing the paintings, a voice-over text has been printed: Laura as it were comments on the paintings, while he also seems to shuffle the piled-up books.

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