Upcoming: Pei-Hsuan Wang

Upcoming: Pei-Hsuan Wang

Posture Editions is happy to announce the first book of works by Pei-Hsan Wang (b.1987).

To fund this book, Posture Editions and Pei-Hsuan Wang are offering four unique ‘Gourd Demons’ from the artist's collection for sale.

Pei-Hsuan Wang’s practice is rooted in ways of engaging with her identity, much of which is shaped by the artist and her family's diasporic migration from Taiwan to the US.

Folklore, family history, bio(mytho)graphical narratives and geopolitical musings are interwoven in her work, which primarily takes the form of sculpture, installation, drawing, and video.

The artist’s recent projects are tributes and prayers to her kinship. Animal presences become a kind of guardian and portal, giving form to the inner experience.

For the book with Posture Editions, the artist draws traces from works and reference pieces in invisible ways. Curator Zeynep Kubat will write the text. 

The book is planned for June 2024 and will be presented at Wang's showcase during the Triënnale Kortrijk ‘After Paradise’ at Rhizome_.

Posture Editions N° 57
ISBN: 978 94 9126 262 3
64 pages, hardcover

With the support of Be-Part.

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