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Book signing on 12 January 2019
at rodolphe janssen

Sanam Khatibi
My garden is wilder than yours

Sanam Khatibi (b. 1979) is a Brussels based artist, born in Tehran, Iran. Her works deal with animality and the core of her practice interrogates our relationship to power structures, specifically the duality of triumph and failure. The recurrent themes that often feature in her work question our relationship with excess, loss of control, bestiality, the male-female dynamics, domination and submission. She is also interested in the thin line that exists between fear and desire, and how closely they are interrelated.
Her subjects live on their impulses in alluring, exotic landscapes. They are ambiguous with their relationship to power, violence, sensuality and each other. Wildlife and animals are an integral part of her practice, and her subjects are often depicted within the same plane as the flora and fauna.
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Book launch event 28.03.2019
S.M.A.K. Ghent

Posture Editions celebrates its 30th publication with a special artist’s multiple by Philippe Van Snick. The work is entitled Huis [House] and has been created specifically for Posture Editions. It consists of 10 silkscreened compositions that together constitute an architectural game.

The 10 + 1 colours—which have become the regular building blocks of Van Snick’s oeuvre—appear in various shapes and places on the five folded sheets of paper; they also constitute the point of departure for a prose text by Koen Brams. The printed sheets of art paper constitute a loose-leaf collection and each of the sheets is a work of art in itself.

In his work, Philippe Van Snick (b. 1946, Ghent, Belgium) uses particularly simple forms and always the same colours. For Van Snick, painting involves more than the painted surface. The shapes, objects and colours he uses are never isolated elements. They relate to the space in which they are situated and to the physical experience of the public.

Using simple and limited means—always imbued by a longing for order—Van Snick tries to describe the essence of life. With a limited formal vocabulary the artist explores, analyses and creates space in his paintings, installations and sculptures. Recently Van Snick was honoured with the Ultima Award for Visual Arts and his work was selected to be permanently on view in the new headquarters of the VRT (Flemish Television).


Available at our selected shops

Launched 11.11.2018 at
the Roger Raveelmuseum
exh. till 24.02.2018

Laura van
Sex met verf

Posture Editions and Laura van (b. 1957) worked on a publication with still lifes by van. The works, for which the artist uses only oils, are without photographic point of departure: they are the result of an inflection of what the artist observes on the table in his living and working space. They are therefore anecdotal-autobiographical in nature — a nature that is emphatically determined by the motorial and psychological intentions of the moment.
Exhibition at the Roger Raveelmuseum till 24.02.2019
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