Book released at de Warande, Turnhout
19 Sep. 2021
Exhibition till 7 Nov.

Femmy Otten
Rainbow Woman

In her work, Dutch artist Femmy Otten explores a very hybrid world of inspiration, ranging from sculptures from Greek antiquity and Italian painters of the quattrocento to American outsider art and contemporary art. She brings all these influences together in a precise yet unfathomable iconography.
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Book release at M HKA
Sun. 17 Oct. 2021 — 15:00

Hans Segers
Images Trouvées

Hans Segers examines the formal properties of a painting. He emphasises how a painting is only a representation and presents it as an imitation of reality, ‘trompe l’oeil’, painted object and elevated art object. References to painting and sculpture are never far away. He chooses a number of abstracted, recurring forms that evoke the thought of a cloud, tree trunk and house. They function as his image library from which he draws to refer to reality.
In the book Images Trouvées, Hans Segers collected twenty-nine shapes originally in a long concertina-shaped picture atlas, an archive of icons. Twenty-nine people from the art world in Belgium and France were invited to verbalise an image. As a result, the images in this book are enriched with new layers of meaning.
The text contributions are from: Paul Morez, Philip Aguirre, Hervé Bréhier, Koen Brams, Kasper De Vos, Nav Haq, Kathleen Weyts, Hélène Audiffren, Gwénola Ménou, Patrick Ronse, Win Van den Abbeele, Rinus Van de Velde, Lucie Renneboog, Frank Maes, Phillip Van den Bossche, Liesje Vandenbroeck, Suzanne Hetzel, Arnaud Vasseux, Kati Heck, Narcisse Tordoir, Isabelle Viallat, Inge Henneman, Pascal Neveux, Sofie Dederen, Indra Devriendt, Philippe Van Cauteren, Koen Sels, Rokus Hofstede et Xavier Noiret-Thomé.

Book released at Island Brussels
26 Aug. 2021

Natasja Mabesoone
Bernice Bobs Her Hair

‘Bernice Bobs Her Hair’ is a series of layered soft ground etchings, drawings and monotypes. Starting from the biased idea and normative use of marginalised graphic procedures as a means of reproduction, the idea of repetition is explored. In tandem, Mabesoone recoups visual languages that have habitually been coded as ultra-feminine and trivial. She questions how these ambiguous and subversive aesthetics can gain authority, and destabilise or resist contemporary realities and dominant cultural constructions.
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ISBN 978 94 9126 243 2
€ 25

Launched at The Hisk Affair, Gosset site
Thu. 15 July 2021

Juan Pablo Plazas
Even if You

Even if You is a book in which all the lines set out by the artist in recent years come together as if they were a crossroads: language, movement, image, sound, humour and melancholy are the instruments with which the Colombian-Belgian artist is working.

‘This is the second time I will do this performance. After the first time, my friend Justine passed by with her family and gave me a beautiful present: one of those signs that mark the rounds of a boxing match. I saw this sign as an echo of the roundness of the performance and as a sign of what it meant to do it again. Some moves will be repeated, other new ones are prepared. See you at the circular stage of The Hisk Affair.’

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ISBN 978 94 9126 244 9
€ 38

Book release event at
Gallery Sofie Van de Velde
Vlaamse Kaai 74
Thu. 22 July 2021 — 15-18:00

Pieter Jennes
Gezelligheid op een druilerige dag

Pieter Jennes’ paintings are flat meaning perspectiveless and two dimensional, they are graphically and rudimentally elaborated with roughly sketched, simply presented figures.
Jennes looks back on old and contemporary cultural phenomena and shows us a new, composed story in the form of paintings, sculptures and drawings. Jennes often paints scenes that are reminiscent of folklore or comic theater performances. His Dionysian dancers set up all possible faces. They wear masks of drunkenness, horror, boredom, or shame or apathy.

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ISBN 978 94 9126 242 5
€ 35
Launched at 019

Hannelore Van Dijck
Een vogel vliegt op

‘Een vogel vliegt op’ is a book about Hannelore Van Dijck’s recent ink drawings and artist books. This publication crystallizes her search for a fluid way of working, a search for movement, rhythm and leaks. The launch coincides with a presentation of a video and the original drawings made during her residency at FLACC (Genk).

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With text by Nikolaas Demoen
ISBN 978 94 9126 241 8
€ 38

Exhibition: 30.4 – 03.10.2021
Groeningemuseum, Brugge

Sanam Khatibi

This publication focuses on the meticulously painted small still lifes. With the finest brush she applies light and shadow in oil paint to various miniature shapes. The compositions themselves are quite unassuming. Objects loom haphazardly from the golden or black background and seem to sing in polyphony in the vein of Orlando di Lasso, Johannes Ockeghem and other masters of polyphony. (…)
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