Sunday — 11:00

Book release and presentation (original drawings and video screening): 019
Dok Noord 5L, Ghent

Hannelore Van Dijck
Een vogel vliegt op

‘Een vogel vliegt op’ is a book about Hannelore Van Dijck’s recent ink drawings and artist books. This publication crystallizes her search for a fluid way of working, a search for movement, rhythm and leaks. The launch coincides with a presentation of a video and the original drawings made during her residency at FLACC (Genk).

At 15h there will be a conversation between Nikolaas Demoen and Hannelore Van Dijck. This conversation will also be streamed live on facebook and instagram.

presentation: 11:00 – 18:00
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Wednesday — 20:00

Digital book launch via live streaming

Juan Pablo Plazas
Even if You

‘Even if You’ is a book in which all the lines set out by the artist in recent years come together as if they were a crossroads: language, movement, image, sound, humour and melancholy are the instruments with which the Colombian-Belgian artist keeps working. Juan Pablo explores in an almost animistic way the possibilities of personalising sculptures in a theatrical setting.

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Natasja Mabesoone
Bernice Bobs Her Hair

‘Bernice Bobs Her Hair’, a series by Natasja Mabesoone, consists of layered soft ground etchings, combined with drawings and monotypes. The title is a nod towards a short Fitzgerald story about Bernice, who changes her approach to boys while visiting her niece Marjorie. The act of having her hair cut transforms her character into a real flapper, a liberated woman, and brings her to a new perception of femininity and womanhood.


With text by Nikolaas Demoen
ISBN 978 94 9126 241 8
€ 38

Exhibition: 30.4 – 03.10.2021
Groeningemuseum, Brugge

Sanam Khatibi

This publication focuses on the meticulously painted small still lifes. With the finest brush she applies light and shadow in oil paint to various miniature shapes. The compositions themselves are quite unassuming. Objects loom haphazardly from the golden or black background and seem to sing in polyphony in the vein of Orlando di Lasso, Johannes Ockeghem and other masters of polyphony. (…)
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Exhibition: 11 Feb. – 4 Apr. 2021
Solvay Library Brussels

Benoît van Innis
Instant Light

Planet Earth 2020; the COVID 19 pandemic crisis expands throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Confinement is decreed and ‘even artists’ must go into quarantine. Restriction of personal mobility becomes our reality. But is it a prison or a mad, new playground for the imagination? Besieged by madness? Besieged by impatience? Or overwhelmed by imagination? Through daily sketches, Benoît van Innis (b. 1960) recreates our universal confinement. His drawings are reminiscent of the best Theatre of the Absurd outlined with irony and black humor, bringing relief in the midst of a dense, profoundly disquieting atmosphere. Each scene provokes our shunned subconscious, making the unreal real.
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