Book launch 18 Sep 2020
Vrienden v/h S.M.A.K.

Meggy Rustamova

Meggy Rustamova’s practice explores films and spatial installations, in which she incorporates photographs, essays and audio material; often the work has a performative character. Concerned with the relations between individual and collective memory, language and human behaviour, her works look for ways to translate the current matters and phenomena in the world.

This Posture Edition will be the artist’s first monograph and unfolds as a narrative that translates images, video work and essays written by the artist herself. The book offers insight in Rustamova’s eloquent and varied oeuvre from the last decade. In the book, Rustamova’s works are presented in a non-hierarchical manner, focusing on their titles and meaning, rather than on chronology or priority. Conceived as an alphabetical lexicon or an encyclopaedia, the book is accompanied by manuscripts, all handwritten by the artist.

On the occasion of Rustamova’s exhibition at the Vrienden v/h S.M.A.K. and the book ‘Horizon’, the artist has created a multiple. The multiple is entitled 1000 km in Vogelvlucht — 621.371 miles at Bird’s Eye View and unfolds as a storyboard, with a collection of sky views and birds the artist has captured over the past two years. From a condor in Arizona to the black-backed gulls in Iceland in the North Atlantic Ocean all through the Sea of Marmara, the book seeks to create a tale that reflects on a person’s daily need for freedom, travel and nature.

Ed. 15 + 2 a.p.
8 photographs and text, 50 × 70 cm
framed with anti-reflective glass, signed by the artist andwith a certificate of authenticity
price: € 800 (VAT incl.)


Heide Hinrichs
€ 900 < order >

Heide Hinrichs

In the context of ‘Morning Change’, Heide conceived 5 multiples ‘Brieven’. Each of them consists of a series of 3 drawings (89 × 68 cm), folded and placed in a box (23,4 x 18,4 x 1 cm), numbered and signed by the artist.  
They are drawn on highly absorbent mulberry paper. After bathing the folded sheets of paper in diluted ink, small black brush strokes and dots—like coded script or fast notes—are applied on the outside of the rolled paper. Unfolded, each sheet of paper reveals a unique writing.
€ 900 < Order here > and transfer the amount into account number BE08 8900 1501 3813, owned by Posture Editions with the communication ‘edition Heide Hinrichs’.
Postage is included (BE and neighbour countries) — Other countries: price on demand


Launched at
Kunsthal Gent
7 Feb 2020

Nikolaas Demoen

Labyrinth takes us on a walk through the spaces constructed within the pages of the book and visualises a world in which the exit can’t be found.
With the morphology of the house (windows, doors, steps and curtains) and the theatre (curtains, stage, perspective), a world is evoked in which nothing can serve as a point of reference. The experience is similar to surfing on the internet, scrolling through instagram, unfolding the gallery map of Art Brussels or shopping in a French supermarket.
Christophe Van Gerrewey has written a text that actually creates an imbroglio.
All images in the book are woodcuts and printed in letterpress on a Heidelberg KS.
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