Posture Editions is a Belgian, independent publishing house with over a decade of artistic endeavors.

Posture Editions was founded in 2011 by Nikolaas Demoen (artist) and Katrien Daemers (graphic designer). In 2019, Stien Stessens (graphic designer) joined the team.

Posture Editions stands as a unique "paper location," where artists can transform their work into captivating printed exhibitions within a book.

Collaborating closely with the artists, Posture Editions crafts visual essays that provide deep insights into their oeuvre and studio practices.

The focus is on one artist at a time, whether emerging talent or established creators seeking a renaissance for their work.

Distinguished by a recognizable A4 format with a serial number on the cover, Posture Editions allows for a myriad of variations in page count, materials, binding, reproduction types (black & white or color), and cover styles.

Each publication is accompanied by an essay by a contemporary author, with the interplay between visuals and text varying from edition to edition.

Posture Editions carefully selects venues for launching each new publication, including galleries, art centers, museums, and alternative art spaces.

These venues are chosen for their potential synergies and alignment with the artist's profile, often leading to extended exhibitions.

Notably, Posture Editions celebrated its tenth anniversary with a retrospective exhibition titled 'One Way or Another' at S.M.A.K. Ghent from October 30th to November 28th, 2021.

This exhibition showcased the work of 42 artists who collaborated with Posture Editions between 2011 and 2021.

As part of this milestone, Posture created a novel-sized publication also named 'One Way or Another,' presenting a chronological collection of all Posture Editions from the past decade.

'One Way or Another' marked the debut of novel-sized publications, while the familiar A4 format continues alongside, now complemented by Posture Pockets, serving as a parallel platform for thought-provoking artistic concepts.