Meggy Rustamova at Bozar Brussels

Meggy Rustamova at Bozar Brussels

A work by MEGGY RUSTAMOVA is included in Europalia Georgia at Bozar Brussels.
Leaving the exhibition ‘The Avant-garde in Georgia (1900-1936)’, you will come across Meggy’s film installation ‘Deda Ena’, a polyphonic and poetic story about (mother) language, displacement, individual and collective memories. 

Originating from an Assyrian minority in Georgia, Meggy has always woven her visual œuvre around these themes.
An overview of her work is published in the book HORAIZON — Posture Editions N° 36 — an ‘encyclopaedia’ arranged by lemmas.
You will be delighted to recognise some of the images from ‘Deda Ena’, on view till 14.01.2024 at Bozar.

Alphabet (How to teach a plant the Georgian alphabet), 2009


(Dis)location, 2013

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