Book launch ‘Ik met twee’ Arnaud Rogard

Book launch ‘Ik met twee’ Arnaud Rogard

‘Ik met twee’ was launched on Saturday, April 13, 3-6 pm, in the presence of the artist at KIOSK Ghent. All visitors were invited by the artist Arnaud Rogard to add their self-portrait to the chalkboard and write their name next to the entrance, becoming contributors to the exhibition.

Arnaud (b. 1977), is a versatile artist: he makes drawings, ceramic work, and writes poetry but is also active as a dancer and performer. In each of these media, his work excels in concealment, omission, slowing down, pausing, omission or stilling.

Published in the book and shown in the exhibition, is a series of pencil-drawin (self)portraits of Arnaud Rogard. The portraits, drawn with a consistent line are often so subtle that they almost or even disappear completely. Rogard portrays himself in various roles: as an artist at work but also a Star Wars hero, a skeleton, or an authentic backpacking cultural tourist. These personalities arise from his imagination or his personal world, for Rogard is not only an artist but is also active as a dancer and performer. The characters he portrays on stage often also appear in his self-portraits. He reproduces the mise-en-scene from stage to paper.

The text is written by Pierre Muylle, with an introduction by curator Simon Delobel.

‘Ik met twee’, €28,00

In collaboration with Kunstwerkplaats de Zandberg

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