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Published in April 2024

Arnaud Rogard ‘Ik met twee’

Arnaud Rogard ‘Ik met twee’

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48 pages, 21 cm × 29.7 cm

ISBN 978 94 9126 263 0

Text: Simon Delobel, Pierre Muylle (NL/EN)

Arnaud Rogard (b. 1977) is a multifaceted artist: he makes drawings, ceramic work, writes poetry but is also active as a dancer and performer. In each of these media, his work excels in concealment, elimination, slowing down, pausing, abandonment or silencing. The power of Arnaud's drawings (perspectives or isometries) lies mostly in the space he does not draw.
Arnaud finds his inspiration in the everyday architecture that surrounds him, room plans lying around in the studio but also in the limited library in his studio at art workshop De Zandberg in Harelbeke, where he has been working since 2001.

The book ‘Ik met twee’ focuses on Arnaud's pencil-drawn (self) portraits. They find their strength in the certainty with which each line is applied and the absence of any superfluous detail. This clear line is as much a modest line, some drawings are barely visible, as if they would prefer to remain invisible.
Pierre Muylle writes about this in the book, ‘Everything seems to have a standard place. The drawing is only a confirmation of a standard. But here that rock-solid conviction is only in the motif. The execution wavers in doubt and hesitation. A well-aimed imbalance that veers even this sterile portrait with Arnaud's personality.’

The book appears on the occasion of the exhibition at KIOSK and has been realized with the support of the Flemish Government, kunstwerkplaats De Zandberg and KIOSK/Kunstensite vzw.

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