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Published in April 2023

Fabrice Souvereyns ‘Erased and Not Erased’

Fabrice Souvereyns ‘Erased and Not Erased’

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256 pages, 21 cm × 30 cm

ISBN 978 94 9126 255 5

Text: Barbara De Coninck, Filip Luyckx (EN/NL)

Armed with pencil, eraser and breaker knife, Fabrice Souvereyns (°1995 Tongeren) creates a detailed world from intense observations and perceptions.

Souvereyns’s young oeuvre draws inspiration from the physical world, from fauna and flora and from what is visible to humankind in the skies. In addition, more ‘invisible’ themes also play a substantial role in the work. The influence of, for example, science cannot be denied, while art history also serves as inspiration for the artist’s eccentric plant world. Vegetal scenes in art reflect how humans relate to subjects such as nature, religion, philosophy or science at the time.

Souvereyns makes use of this frame of reference but also leaves room for his personal formal language. As a result, a certain universality and restraint always hangs around his drawings: although they are based on centuries-old natural landscapes, we cannot exactly find them in reality. The line between reality and the (sub)consciousness blurs. While working, he is guided by spontaneity yet the drawings are not simply the result of automatism. Each movement, whether adding or omitting, leaves a unique trace, and is a deliberate choice by the artist.

Posture Editions N° 50 brings together these diverse landscapes, making the book function as the young artist’s first survey work.

The artist is represented by Hopstreet Gallery

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