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Published in October 2015

Griet Dobbels ‘Straight Line Attempt’

Griet Dobbels ‘Straight Line Attempt’

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20 pages, 21 cm × 30 cm

ISBN 978 94 9126 216 6

Text: Frank Maes

This books is a ‘leporello’ of 20 leaves, length 4,2 m

Griet Dobbels (b. 1964) is a visual artist. Key concepts in her work are: the dialectic between grandeur and insignificance, transience and timelessness, nature and culture, beauty and horror, safety and danger, chaos and control, universality and individuality. Formally, these subjects translate into various media: drawings, video installations, sculptures and happenings. Dobbels explores boundaries, both in terms of content and form, and strives for an objective position.

The line is a constant in her work, be it the contour line, the coast line, the front line or a border. This line is exposed, excavated, walked, drawn or cut-and-pasted.

“A digital collage of the Belgian coastline is printed on this twenty-part concertina book. When it is unfolded completely, to its lenght of 4,2 m., the coastline zigzags up and down. This rendering accentuates the fact that it is constructed. When it is stood upright in the form of a concertina, like a sculpture, the viewer, if he finds the right viewing height, can observe the coastline in a straight line.”

From ‘Straight line attempt’ Frank Maes.

Launched at CC Knokke-Heist 18.10.2015
With the support of Liberale Mutualiteit, the Culture department of the Province of West-Flanders, Architectenwoning

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