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Published in January 2021

Sanam Khatibi ‘Cyanide’

Sanam Khatibi ‘Cyanide’

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96 pages, 30 cm × 23 cm

ISBN 978 94 9126 241 8

Text: Text by Nikolaas Demoen (NL/FR/EN)

This publication focuses on Sanam Khatibi’s meticulously painted small still lifes. With the finest brush she applies light and shadow in oil paint to various miniature shapes. The compositions themselves are quite unassuming. Objects loom haphazardly from the golden or black background and seem to sing in polyphony in the vein of Orlando di Lasso, Johannes Ockeghem and other masters of polyphony. (…)
The highly detailed objects come from a golden age that has yet to come. In contrast with the Dutch Golden Age of the 1600s, hers is a century of self-flagellation, cosmology, human sacrifice, femininity, prestige and decapitation. A century in which all forms surrounding us mysteriously shrink. This futuristic universe will reduce the human footprint. The world will shrink to the scale of a postcard of a still life painted by Sanam Khatibi. (Text Nikolaas Demoen)

The artist is represented by rodolphe janssen and P.P.O.W gallery

Book launch at rodolphe janssen during the exhibition Cyanide (14.11.2020-31.01.2021)

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