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Published in March 2014

Lee Ranaldo ‘Lost Highways’

Lee Ranaldo ‘Lost Highways’

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40 pages, 21 cm × 30 cm

ISBN 978 94 9126 209 8

Text: Roland Groenenboom

40 pages + CD (7 tracks)

“In the following conversation Lee Ranaldo (b. 1956) elaborates on the naissance and concept of this ongoing and still evolving series of drawings, of which you’ll find a selection in this publication. The series will hopefully continue and develop in other artistic journeys. To me, it seems that for Ranaldo there are still endless journeys to embark on. The subject matter for his drawings will present itself every minute he spends traveling in a van while on tour, where the road seems to become one with life. Turn the pages of this book and embark on parts of the journeys that Ranaldo made, while he is hopefully packing his valise and gathering his pens and paper to hit the road again soon, to continue the journey. The constantly changing yet constantly the same life and work of artist-musician Lee Ranaldo seems to echo the words of On the Road author Jack Kerouac as he writes: ‘Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.’

RG: What do you find striking in roads/landscapes as seen from the car window that you started drawing them at this frequency since the summer of 2012?

LR: The road is serving as a metaphor for a particular psychological state of mind, one that includes the idea of escape and also the freedom of the open road, as representative of endless possibilities – around every bend a new adventure, a new life perhaps. Moving requires traveling light, leaving behind the dead weight of old ideas, and advancing towards certain unknowns. There’s also a certain lack of stability that comes with continual travel, which has both positive and negative aspects.”

From: ‘Impermanence’ Roland Groenenboom, in: Lost Highways

Launched at Galerie Jan Dhaese Ghent 30.03.2014
With the support of Galerie jan Dhaese

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